Vinyl esters have superior chemical and heat resistance. They are neither affected by moisture nor do they shrink too much while curing. They are chiefly applied in the floorings, tanks, vessels, drains as well as bleach towers in diverse types of industries. This material can offer exceptional resistance to oxidizing elements and bleaches, certain organic acids, alkalis etc. these when used in the industries dealing with highly corroding chemicals can protect the concrete as well as steel structures from corrosion of the environment as well as chemicals.

We manufacture Vinyl Ester Mortar manufacturer from excellent quality raw-materials in adherence with the international standards of quality. Our products are produced with the latest techniques and are absolutely reliable and consistent. They are quality tested so as to ensure their efficacy. We offer them at incredible rates. We are also the leading Vinyl Ester Mortar exporter of India & they are demanded in the nations such as Oman, Qatar, South Africa, Indonesia and U.S.A.

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vinyl-ester-mortar-india vinyl ester mortar india
vinyl-ester-mortar-300x300 vinyl-ester-mortar-300x300,vinyl ester resin

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