We manufacture supreme quality Potassium Silicate Mortar in India that is used in the industries for lining as well as cementing or bedding bricks, structures, pipelines, tanks, flooring, as well as drains etc for preventing them from getting affected by acidic fumes in highly chemical environment of the industries. Potassium silicate is chosen over sodium silicate for barrier application in the environment subjected to extremely corrosive sulphuric acid fumes. This is because Potassium Silicate Mortar has excellent potential to resist the damage caused by high concentration of H2SO4 as well as several similar oxidizing acids. It has excellent resistance to high temperatures even up to 1000°C.

Our products are produced from high quality substances in a very efficient manner as per the norms of the industry. Our products being pure are very effective. They are safe and reasonably priced

potassium-silicate-based-mortar potassium silicate based mortar
potassium-silicate-mortar potassium silicate mortar
potassium-silicate-mortar-india-300x300 potassium-silicate-mortar-india-300x300

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