We manufacture excellent quality CNSL Mortar that has great demand in the domestic market because of their efficient performance.We manufacture them from high quality materials in conformity to the industrial norms. Our products are very precise in composition and are high purity too. Our products are preferred by numerous industries across the country dealing with chemicals such as dyes industries, chemical industries, fertilizer industries etc.

These are excellently resistant to different types of acids, alkalis as well as water. These are also shock resistant because of their toughness& elasticity. They can enter cracks and crevices very well and form excellent joint & bedding material. They are also easy to apply. They form Impermeable coating and can resist high temperatures as well. They can be coated on the floorings, cementing acid proof bricks &tiles, lining chemical tanks&vessels etc. We are the top CNSL Mortar supplier and supply the mat very reasonable prices.

CNSL Mortar is good resistant to cement and Acid base Alkali is completely good resistant cement and also best quality corrosion resistant cement  is a good adaptable cement in the entire range that would not only with sand non-oxidant acids, solvent , salts, grease  flexibility to the design processing utensils and structure given that protection aligned with future changes in the processing in existing operation. Practically for strong oxidizing acids such as Nitric Acids for non-oxidizing acids, alkalis, salts, solvent greases

phenolic-mortar-300x300, Polyester Resin
cnsl-mortar-india-300x300, Polyester Resin
cnsl mortar
epoxy mortar

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