We offer excellent FRP Lining Services to diverse kinds of industries where rust, abrasion as well as chemical corrosion are likely to occur, usually. FRP Lining done over Plastic, Metallic and RCC materials, objects and structure prevent erosion and destruction that may occur to them because of the highly corrosive environment in such industries. FRP Coating is done mostly on the Tanks, Containers, pipelines, building structures, by doing so they can be protected from not only corrosive agents but also from rain and detrimental U.V. Rays of sun. Thus, it enhances the lifespan of surface over which they are coated and also enhance their functionality for long run.


FRP Lining works are carried out in the following step by step procedure:

  • The place or the surface to be coated on is tested & inspected
  • The surface to be lined or coated is prepared by cleaning the surface and eliminating dust, rust, any chemical deposits, moisture, grease etc. this is executed manually with tools, or grinders, hot air guns etc.
  • The surface is layering on with a film of primer, sometimes mixtures of primer and curing agents.
  • Molding is carried out prior to the next step
  • Partial Curing is done at this stage
  • Top Coating is done for the Sealing the entire layers.
  • Complete Curing in atmospheric conditions devoid of external pressure is carried out.
  • Finally the entire surface is Inspected to check the finishing
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